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thrifthorror's Journal

Thrift Shop Horrors
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Some things you can't even give away...except to the church's thrift store.

Saw an abomination unto taste at the Salvation Army? Encountered pure terror--or Junior's faintly suggestive third grade clay pot marked at $7.99--at Goodwill? Send a picture, tell the story. Maybe through our combined efforts, that pot can find a home.

Feel free to post pictures (hide more than three behind an LJ-Cut), and if you want to, let the community know where your scavenging grounds are. Humorous commentary and good stories are both very much appreciated!

The Rules:
1) If you're posting pictures, hide more than three, or any large images (more than 500 pixels or so), behind an LJ-cut.
2) The theme of this community is "thrift stores" - so Goodwill, Salvation Army, church resale shops, rummage stores and garage sales. Anything where previously-owned consumer goods experience retail reincarnation at a discounted price. Off-topic entries tend to get snarked at, and repeat off-topic posters may be banned, depending on the degree of off-topicness (though I don't want to do that to someone trying to make a contribution!)
3) Commercial posts need to match the theme of the community--that is, "I found this at a thrift store and/or garage sale, and it made me ill and/or laugh hysterically, so I had to share it," or they will be removed and repeat offenders reported as spam (so please don't link to your hand-made craft site or virtual boutique).
4) As a general rule, put a bunch of little stuff together into one big post with an LJ-cut, particularly if you're not sure if a find really fits the "horror" mindset.
5) Be Cool! Comedy is hard, but racial barbs, making fun of class/education/mental conditions, isn't a substitute for a good joke. If you're going to make a quip that's sharp and non-PC, read over it, make sure the joke's worth it before posting. Here's a longer rant on this one. I wish there were guidelines, but humor is subjective, and limits are hard to adjudicate.

What is a "thrift horror?" Hard to say! Items that are unintentionally funny are a good start. Anything that makes you take a step back and ask, "Why, dear god, why, are they trying to sell that? Who would ever BUY it?" is another good indicator. Finds that tell a story are good (it's easy to find a broken statue, but if it breaks and is suddenly more interesting than it was before, that might just be a thrift horror!) This community was designed with humor in mind, so think about that when posting--clever commentary is a plus. Thanks for your contributions!

If you'd like to catch more thrift shoppy goodness, check out Thrifthorror.com!