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Thrift Shop Horrors

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It is ART! [Mar. 1st, 2014|10:19 pm]
Thrift Shop Horrors

Nine winners from around town behind the cut. (Fair warning: one has a swastika, just lettin’ ya know.)Collapse )
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Eeeek! [Dec. 27th, 2013|10:50 pm]
Thrift Shop Horrors

I work in a hospital, pretty much the last place you'd expect to find a real thrift horror item.
I walked into our utility room to get rid of a dinner tray, and I felt something staring at me. From behind a large piece of equipment came this little slice of hell.
Shock therapy anyone?Collapse )
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One-eyed Mary [Dec. 19th, 2013|01:23 am]
Thrift Shop Horrors

Don't know if it is thrifthorror or thrift gold. I kinda love her. I found her at a Value Village near downtown Seattle. Funny thing is, I posted her pic on Facebook and one of my friends said she had found a statue of Saint Theresa with an eyepatch painted on at another Value Village in town. Apparently there is an eyepatch-painting bandit on the loose!

mother mary eyepatch closeup
mother mary eyepatch
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Baby Unicorn in a Walnut [Sep. 9th, 2013|10:05 am]
Thrift Shop Horrors

New to You - Fulton, NY.

When will you ever see a baby unicorn in a walnut shell cradle christmas ornament ever again?!
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Haunted Dolls (With very creepy music) [Aug. 11th, 2013|06:34 pm]
Thrift Shop Horrors

The doll at 1:20 has been on Thrift Horror.
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Claims to be most creepy dolls (link) [Aug. 7th, 2013|07:58 pm]
Thrift Shop Horrors

We have posted many more horrifying dolls than this..
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First time poster, long time member.... [Jul. 12th, 2013|03:37 pm]
Thrift Shop Horrors

Went to Goodwill with my sister and...

Blood-eyed clown. Crying blood...
blood tears

more!Collapse )

Tuxedo-wearing unicorn riders!

unicorn riders

Native American wearing Lancome "Pink Preview":

pink NA

And last; filthy dirty felt-decorated Santa Claus snifters, in both smalls and talls:

dirty felt Santa glasses

That's all! (waves to everyone)
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Find: Treasure Island Flea [Jun. 9th, 2013|10:42 am]
Thrift Shop Horrors

[Current Location |San Francisco, CA]

Why, oh why, would someone do this to the poor little Native American boy?

cut for baby buttCollapse )
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Done Thrifting [Jun. 8th, 2013|04:16 pm]
Thrift Shop Horrors

I never need to go thrifting again. Ever. It would only be a letdown, because this could never be topped. Checkmate. I win. Done.

Thank you Saint Vincent de Paul!Collapse )
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Where does all the stuff go? [May. 21st, 2013|11:23 am]
Thrift Shop Horrors

Her is an interesting take on thrift items.
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