Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote in thrifthorror,
Spotty Logic

Drink from my magical pants.

Coulrophilia: An unusual or obsessive love and-or sexual interest in clowns.

I had hoped that I made up that word, but, no, it's an active and viable paraphilia. Go, world. I'd also hoped that I made up this novelty beverage container,

but, no, there's the photograph.

What, oh what, will this teach your children? That it's okay to drink from clown pants? What if s/he extends this to ALL pants?

Or what if Johnny goes on to be involved in a disturbing and sinister killing spree, leaving dozens of painted faces smiling...forever, and husbands and wives with Sad Clown Face where Joyful Clown Face used to be? His lawyers would plead insanity.


"What sane man," the lawyers say, their faces dour and not at all funny, "What sane man would believe that clowns contained milk and orange juice?"


Years later, the prison psychologist would ask him, "What did he look like, this man who made you drink from his pants?"

And Johnny would only whimper, snivelling at the images that cavorted obscenely behind his eyelids.


Found at "SuperThrift," on 183 south of Anderson Mill, Austin, TX
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