Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote in thrifthorror,
Spotty Logic

Note from the Mod--

Hmm, I remember this issue coming up the last time there was an LJ-Spotlight on us. I'm noticing a theme :)

Two things. One, comedy is hard work, and it's easy for a joke to fail, particularly when people (and we have a few thousand people in this community) have different standards of humor. So if something doesn't work, or a joke comes across as cruel over overly barbed, stay in the realm of the constructive in your responses. I haven't seen that as a problem yet, but with as many people here as we have, we've had the occasional flamefest.

Secondly...well, we ARE all about the shell art, craptastic clowns, hideous statues, desecrated dolls, and abstract ceramic repulsion here. It's really easy to go from finding a piece of "art" from a tourist trap in Korea that screams "OMG HORROR", making some witty commentary on it, and slipping into bashing Asian cultures for a joke. It's hard to make a generalization about it, because there just aren't rules. Where's the line between making jokes about a piece of "art," saying that it was obviously painted by someone from the North Buda School for the Insipid and Deranged, and making fun of people from Buda, or people with mental handicaps? I do not know.

I do ask new posters to sit back a bit, look at some of the older posts, before posting--and all posters, the jokes about melting clay dogs from 3rd graders can be as harsh as we like, but be careful when joking about people. Again, fine lines.

In cool, as an audience (we've rarely had problems with this), and as posters (we often have problems with this, but the community mood usually comes through in the end.)

Take care,
Spotty Logic
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