Erin (mmmbrains) wrote in thrifthorror,

this isn't exactly thrift horror, but i thought you'd appreciate it.

I like to call them thrift bonuses! One thing I think is very cool about shopping thrift stores is the little bonus items you find now and then.  Here are a few I've found...

This was tucked inside a cookbook I found at a Library Sale.

This napkin was saved for over 20 years.  It makes my kind of sad, because one or both of those people probably are no longer with us.  But I will always remember their 50th wedding anniversary!

These next 2 were found together in a different cook book at the same sale.

A recipe for Cheese Fondue...

Cheese Fondue

1 1/2 C. dry wht wine - if not acid enough, can add dash of lemon juice
1 clove garlic - slightly smashed
bring to a boil

Add 3 c grated cheese - to which 2 Tbl. flour has been added (mix with hands - cheese + flour)

Add cheese  handful at a time, stirring all the time with a fork.

remove garlic

Cognac or kirsch Tbl.
Salt + Pepper
taste - can add more salt + pepper + kirsch
serve immed. in fondue pot

Cheese should be imported swiss

I sorta want to try to make this, just out of curiousity. 

A plan for a Sunday family dinner.

Sunday Dinner

Salads: raspberry w/ sour cream
               lemon w/ carrots + pineapple or orange

Meats: baked ham

potatoes - scalloped

vegetable - bakes beans

relishes - 

rolls - 

desserts - cake {chocolate applesauce?

milk - coffee


7 adults
4 - teens
3 - children

And lastly, this is an incription i found inside an Illustrated Book of Celtic Mythology found at my local Half Price Books.  It was in the clearence section for a dollar or 2.  As I already have books on Celtic Mythology, i really didn't need this one, but this alone made me buy the book.


Someday when I'm old and can't read, you can tell me these legends and fill my life with adventure.


Mom & Dad

It just made me really sad that after such a toughtful note like that, someone would discard this book so easily.  I had to give it a home.

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