Aven Kas (avenkas) wrote in thrifthorror,
Aven Kas

Loads of WTF.

These are all from a recent visit to America's Thrift Store in Jasper, AL.

I'm kicking myself for not buying this set:

Umm I really don't know. She has a handle over her head. The bottom part is smooshy like a stuffed animal. *shrug*

Headless Figure #891289:

Humpty Dumpty sat on a...shelf? And are those two relatives...?

Two shady-looking clowns, surrounding this turtle-bug thing. (It's head looks turtle-like, but on inspecting the back, it looks more like bug wings instead of a shell. *shrug*

This is the only thing I actually bought. (I collect pop-culture things):

And now...I saved the best for last. I present to you...DUCK-BRUSH (err...thingy)!
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