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Wolfman-Al and the fleamarket of doom

Time to delurk!
I was today at the Fleamarket in Frankfurt Bornheim, the place is located in an old factory and quite huge, mazelike and pretty dark. not to mention that it is fullof horrific old junk. Sorry for the pretty crappy photos, but I only had my cell phone for this one.

It seems that there was a fire in the first floor at some point, probably when it still was a factory.

Taxiderimised birds in an aquariun in front of the entrance. Thats classy!

Stoney owls of terror. Ain´t they cute? I remember that my grandma had a couple like them in her living room.

Plastic polar bear soap dispenser. Nuff said.

Plush Santa shouldn´t have messed with the purple gorilla mob!

One of the rules of trifthorror is that no entry is complete without scary dolls, scary clowns or scary dolls of scary clowns. Look at this lovely trio! The left one is starving to feast on the sweet flesh of your childrens faces! The one in the middle looks worried thou.

They have a lot of ancient chests there. They look like childrens coffins thou...

I was temped for a nanosecond to buy this one. A knitted picture of an alpine diorama! Gives your home the special something...

Argh! Scary clown doll! He is climbing up a rope, probably after his next victim, luckily his floppy shoes slow him down.

This clowny fellow was imprisoned in a glass cupboard for the secrurity of all of us.

Hey, hey! No party room/bachelors crib is perfect with out an working trafficlight! I wonder if this one was stolen from some street crossing.

These old radios from nazi-german times are not for sale, but you can rent them for teatrical or TV productions. The tiny ornamental Nazieagles on them are charming thou.

Kiiiiiiiiill.... meeeeeeeeee....

Two brave wooden native americans watched over by the worlds most depressed looking nutcracker.

More decaying doll corpses. Who would buy this?

This wooden elephant isn´t really horribly but the insane price of 45 Euro sure is.

I hope you enjoyed my first post here. Oh, and please take a look at my journal where I talk about the stuff in my stupid life and review fastfood!
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