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Thrift Shop Horrors

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Presented without comment [Sep. 1st, 2017|03:42 pm]
Thrift Shop Horrors


I present to you the award for your favorite manbaby.
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Vintage books [Feb. 19th, 2017|10:27 am]
Thrift Shop Horrors

I love this delightfully tacky cover art:

Special thanks to the Oxfam bookshop in Dumfries, Scotland, for permitting me to photograph some of the books you see here without buying them.
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Horribly Funny Album Cover Horror [Dec. 23rd, 2015|06:25 am]
Thrift Shop Horrors

One of my Facebook friends bought this recently at a thrift store for fifty cents.

I think the idea must be 'Come to Jesus or you'll be seeing this guy tonight.'  Brrrr.
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Three horrors on one shelf! [Mar. 1st, 2015|09:36 pm]
Thrift Shop Horrors

These owls with bloody beaks and talons were scaring the crap out of the little one, the sketchy mouse who might or might not mug you was "just hanging out", and the methy rabbit twins were totally afraid you might steal their carrots. aka the best picks from of the shelf of horrors i found a week or two ago at a goodwill in portland.

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BEST CHILDHOOD EVAH! [Feb. 13th, 2015|01:08 pm]
Thrift Shop Horrors



Found at the Good Will Outlet in Everett, Washington.

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That scary ornament I mentioned yesterday [Dec. 20th, 2014|06:25 pm]
Thrift Shop Horrors

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Winners for the Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest [Dec. 20th, 2014|01:20 am]
Thrift Shop Horrors

A friend of mine found these a few weeks ago:
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I'm surprised and sad there aren't a lot of horrible Christmas/Hannukah displays showing up here [Dec. 19th, 2014|09:09 pm]
Thrift Shop Horrors

Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of my own horrible thrift ornament I found recently, but I do have a scary dog family under the cut.Collapse )
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A few things I've been meaning to share [Nov. 22nd, 2014|08:47 pm]
Thrift Shop Horrors

AnimalsCollapse )
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A few very questionable items [Mar. 26th, 2014|12:33 am]
Thrift Shop Horrors

[mood |away laughing on a fast camel]

What compels people to make awful sculptures of children?

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